Special Issue IJASS 2003-2

Editorial of “ Real Life Applications of Nature Inspired Combinatorial Heuristics ”

Hussein A. Abbass

On the Application of Hierarchical Coevolutionary Genetic Algorithms: Recombination and Evaluation Partners

Uwe Aickelin and Larry Bull

Nature Inspired Heuristics in Aerial Spray Deposition Management

Wu, Potter, Rasheed, Ghent, Twardus, Thistle, and Teske

Evolutionary Design Automation of VLSI Standard Cells

Anil Bahuman, Khaled Rasheed and Benjamin Bishop

A Heuristic Based Ant Colony System Applied to Weapon-Target Assignment Problems

Zne-Jung Lee, Chou-Yuan Lee, and Shun-Feng Su

An Intelligent System for Risk Classification of Stock Investment Projects

Antoaneta Serguieva, Tatiana Kalganova, Tariq Khan

Genetic Algorithms for a Large Scale Dynamic Allocation Problem

Hussein A. Abbass, Michael Towsey, Erhan Kozan and Julius Van der Werf