Special Issue IJASS 2004-1

Editorial of “ Living, Evolutionary and Tailorable Information Systems: Development Issues and Advanced Applications ” Mark Lycett and Drakoulis Martakos


Design for Life: Invoking Continuity and Dealing with Change

Darren Dalcher

Deferred Systems: Deferring the Design Process and Systems

Nandish Patel

Approaching Tailorability in Object-Oriented Information Systems through Behavioural Evolution and Behavioural Landscape Adaptability

Dimitrios Theotokis

Interactive Models for Tailorable and Evolving Information Systems

Havard Jorgensen, Svein Johnsen, John Krogstie and Oddrun Ohren

An Evolutionary Distributed Agent System: A Framework and Application to Manufacturing Design and Control

In Lee and Chandra Amaravadi