Special Issue IJASS 2005-1

Editorial of “ Distance Education ”

Jason C. Hung and Timothy K. Shih

Distance Learning Standards: Technologies and Challenges

Timothy K. Shih, Pao-Ta Yu, Wen-Chih Chang, and David J. T. Yang

Teaching Computer Data Transfer Principles through Simulation and Animation

Kei-Chun Li and Kang Zhang

Self-Learning Support through Access to Related Information on Distributed VOD

Yurie Iribe, Takami Yasuda and Shigeki Yokoi

Mining Test Results to Personalize and Refine Web-Based Courses

Hui-Huang Hsu

An Applicative Distance Education Payment Protocol

Wei-Kuei Chen

A Smart Courseware System for Distance Education

Jason C. Hung, Nigel H. Lin, Wen-Chih Chang, and Timothy K. Shih

3D Collaborative Virtual Environment based e-Learning System

Qingping Lin, Liang Zhang, Tian Fook Choo, Weihua Wang, Ker Sin Neo, and Robert Gay

Recommendation Agent Behaviour with Dynamic Fuzzy Petri Net in E-Learning Environment

Juei-Nan Chen, Yueh-Min Huang, William C. Chu

Web-Based Appreciation and Peer-Assessment for Visual-Art Education

Kuan-Cheng Lin, Shu-Huey Yang, Jason C. Hung, and Ding-Ming Wang